Easy access to collated data for analytical, monitoring and reporting purposes.

Files to Download for XVault Installation

Please download and save to disk, but do not run, the following files.

These programs are also useful to the configuration and support of the system; please download them if not already installed. They may not all be required but having the install packages available will save time in case they are needed.

XVault Pre-requisites

Please ensure you have read the accompanying Pre-Requisites Guide specifically noting the requirement for;

Additional files required for The Virtual School Solution (VSS)

A VSS installation will require the following, in addition to the XVault downloads and pre-requisites, outlined above.

Additional VSS Pre-requisites

The XVault guide above outlines the server pre-requisites; typically the VSS is installed on the same server and your Groupcall Implementation Contact will have advised if anything will alter significantly. In additon to these however, you will need;

Need more help?

End-users: For first line support on Groupcall XVault you should contact the organisation that provided it to you in the first instance as they will know the most about the systems XVault provides data to.

For Groupcall partners, second line support requests can be made using the contact points below.

  • xporter.support@groupcall.com
  • By phone: 0208 502 7344